Easy Payments was created to help churches and non-profits with an affordable way to collect donations and raise money for projects, mission trips, camp or general donations and tithing.

Simple online giving is the future and we have created a system for an organization to raise donation, sell products and turn their donors into fundraisers enjoying the crowd fundraising phenomenon.

Social Media is easier to promote your giving channels and an easy SMS text to give a platform for simple and easy ways to raise funds fast.

Donation Pages for Online and Mobile Giving

Create Donation Pages for:

Peer to Peer: Each member of your organization can create their own fundraising page and send it out to their friends and relatives through social media. We found that by personalizing these donation requests the fundraising campaign will bring in even more money.

Fund a Need: Now you can create a specific page dedicated to your special needs. New books for a classroom, new uniforms for a sports team, a stained glass window, whatever the need, you can create a page and send it out to all your members.

Recurring Donations: Recurring donations can now be handled online right on your donation page. Best of all, reminders can be emailed out and payments collected automatically. A record of the payment will be logged into the donor manager section of your account.

Team/Group Fundraising: Explode your fundraising potential by creating Groups/teams to raise funds together. Mission Trips, Camp, Choir Tour and more. You can create Teams/Groups and each one can have fundraisers for the overall cause or for a specific fundraiser raising funds for camp.

Custom Forms for Donation Collections:

Create custom forms for one-time donations, recurring donations and choose what fund they go to. Designate or general fund donations.

Fundraising Made Easy With Our Online Store.

Easy Payments includes an online store to create customized apparel and other items fundraisers! Use our online designer to customize apparel for your fundraiser, and then share it with friends, family, and supporters of your cause. Once you have successfully reached your goal, Easy Payments will fulfill all orders and send the earnings to the fundraiser organizer.